How The New Microsoft Partner Competency Requirements Will Affect Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification Journey and New Certifications Announcements

Hi everyone!

The new Microsoft Partner Competency Requirements for the Cloud Business Applications just came out. Since a lot of people get Microsoft Dynamics 365 certifications to get a position as a functional or technical consultant at a Microsoft Partner, I highly encourage you to know what the requirements are and follow them to become a much better candidate.

Customer Engagement Stream

In order to get the Silver level, 5 individuals must pass MB-200 (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Core) and one product examination. The options are: MB-210 (Sales), MB-220 (Marketing), MB-230 (Customer Service), MB-240 (Field Service) or MB6-898 (Talent). The Dynamics 365 for Talent has been added to the Customer Engagement stream, a notable change. This is now what is known as the functional requirement.
In addition to the functional requirement, two of the five individuals meeting the functional requirement must meet the technical requirement. This can be met right now by passing MB2-716 (Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration). However, this will change in 2020. More on that below.

For the Gold level, the requirements are the same, except that 15 individuals have to meet the functional requirement and 5 of these 15 people have to meet the technical requirement.

Operations Stream

The numbers are exactly the same in the operations stream for the number of individuals. To get the Silver level, five people must meet the functional requirement and two out five must meet the technical requirement. For the Gold level, 15 people have to meet the functional requirement and 5 people have to meet the technical requirement.

In order to meet the functional requirement, an individual must pass MB-300 (Dynamics 365 Operations Core) and one product exam. The eligible product exams are MB-310 (financials), MB-320 (manufacturing), MB-330 (supply chain), MB6-897 (retail) and MB6-898 (talent).

In order to meet the technical requirement, you must pass MB6-894 (Development, extensions and deployment for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations).

Business Central Certification is Launching in 2019

Buried in the new partner competency requirements document, is a mention that Microsoft will launch a Business Central certification in “the calendar year 2019”. Microsoft plans to include this upcoming certification in the Operations stream partner requirements.

Developer and Solution Architects Certifications Will Be Launched in 2020

Microsoft has also announced in this document that developer and solution architect examinations will be launched for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement and Operations in 2020. These upcoming certifications will replace MB2-716 and MB6-894 for the technical requirements of the Microsoft Partner Competency Requirements.


What Does This All mean for You?

Here are the most important takeaways for Microsoft Dynamics 365 professionals who want to keep an edge:

  1. You need to keep up to date with the latest technology and the newest certifications.
  2. Product expertise and specialization niches will impact the Microsoft Dynamics 365 market (partners are already starting to look for Customer Service specialists and Marketing specialists).
  3. There is now an official premium for developers who also know the business side of things on the job market since there is an explicit requirement to have a certain numbers of employees who are certified developers and a developer must pass configuration and at least one product examination.


If you have questions about these announcements or the certification process in general, feel free to leave a comment below. I will be happy to answer your questions!

5 thoughts on “How The New Microsoft Partner Competency Requirements Will Affect Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification Journey and New Certifications Announcements”

  1. Hello, I am very well aligned with your post. However today for Gold Cloud Business Application CE Option, Microsoft is asking to pass
    – Technical/core : MB2-716 instead of MB-200
    – Sales: MB2-717 instead of MB-210
    – Service: MB2-718 instead of MB-230
    – Marketing: MB2-719 instead of MB-220
    – FieldService: MB2-877 instead of MB-240
    – Talent MB6-898
    What yould you advise?

    THank you and Best regards,


    1. Hi Pierre-Olivier,

      You should pass MB-200 and either of MB-210, MB-220, MB-230 or MB-240. In terms of anyone being the best, it depends on what application you are already working on and your location. For example, if you are in Canada, you should pass MB-230 due to the high volume of public sector contract that requires the Customer Service certification.

      Hope it helps!


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