I Passed MB-901 (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals) and Here is Who Will Benefit from Taking this Examination

Many of you might be surprised to know that I even attempted the MB-901 (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals) examination. After all, I have 3 years of full-time experience on the Power Platform/Microsoft Dynamics 365 and MB-901 is now my 12th Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification.

I learned much more than I expected. This examination covered new topics that I did not have previous exposure to: cloud infrastructure and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. However, I recognize that the exam is not for everyone. Here are the three main groups of people who will benefit from taking this examination. If you are in one of these three situation, I recommend that you pass this exam.

You Never Passed a Microsoft Examination

If you never passed a single Microsoft examination in your life, regardless of the product, you should go for MB-901 (Dynamics 365 Fundamentals). This will get you used to the examination format and the overall process. The Dynamics 365 core examinations for both Customer Engagement and Finance & Operations cover too much content and will quickly overwhelm a first timer who does not know what to expect at all.

You are Still Trying to Decide Between Customer Engagement and Finance & Operations

If you know you want to get into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem but you are unsure on whether you want to specialize in Customer Engagement or Finance and Operations, this examination is for you. You will learn about the basics of both systems and will give you a great overview of the overall ecosystem. Therefore, it will allow you to make a much better informed decision.

You are an Experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Professional and Want to Eventually Get the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution Architect Certification

If you are an experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 professional and eventually want to get the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution Architect certification, you might want to pass MB-901 (Dynamics 365 Fundamentals). Technically speaking, the MB-600 examination covers all topics of lower levelled examinations and you may not be comfortable with the risk.


A Note About Online Examinations

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know how much I struggled with the check-in process of online examinations. I am happy to report that I found out why: I was using a Mac OS X computer, which greatly complicated the process due to security settings of a Mac computer.

Therefore, if you have a Windows computer at home, I highly recommend you to use it to write your exams. Your experience will be significantly less stressful.


Happy studying!


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