Vancouver Biz Apps UG Slide Deck + MB-200 (Dynamics 365 Core) Resources

By popular demand, here is a list of resources that I shared in my session of the very first Vancouver Biz Apps UG meeting.

Vancouver Biz Apps UG Slide Deck

Here is the slide deck for my session walking you through my top 10 study tips I used to pass 12 (and counting) Microsoft Dynamics 365 examination on the first attempt.

As you will notice, more than half the slides are related to neuroscience studies and what science can teach us about getting an edge when studying and passing an examination.

Links to Resources Mentioned in The Slide Deck

  1. Microsoft Learn
  2. Neil Parkhurst’s Certification Blog Posts
  3. CRM Chap’s MB-400 (Dynamics 365 Developer) Certification
  4. Microsoft Dynamics Community Forum
  5. CRMUG Certification Resources
  6. MS Dynamics Certified (my online course)

EDX MB-200 (Dynamics 365 Core) Video Courses Are Back!

For mysterious reasons, the wonderful course made by a team of Microsoft MVP led by Mark Smith were taken down from the internet. Fortunately, Chris Canepa spent more than 20 hours taking the information and organizing it for everyone’s benefit.

I would like to publicly thank Chris on behalf of every member of the Dynamics Community for his hard work and dedication. Feel free to go to his LinkedIn profile and send him a Thank You note.

  1. Link to the OneNote document serving as a Course Outline
  2. OneDrive folder containing all the videos and practice labs


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