MB-600 (Dynamics 365 + Power Platform Solution Architect) Was The Most Unconventional Examination I Ever Passed

This is not the blog post I expected to write after achieving the pinnacle of Microsoft Dynamics 365 – the very difficult MB-600 (Dynamics 365 + Power Platform Solution Architect). The advice I will give you will be unconventional, suiting perfectly an unconventional examination.

I Am so Glad I Wanted to Be a Lawyer When I Was 18

Here is a little known fact about me: my dream career when I was 18 was to be a lawyer. The reason why I am mentioning this is that for a few months, I casually studied for the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test), the admission test required for virtually all law schools in North America. These skills will be a life saver for all question types (not just for the case studies on the exam)!

The reading comprehension and test taking skills I acquired many years ago have paid off in an unexpected ways. I used these strategies to go through the examination.

The first skill you should pick up is reading comprehension. Here is a blog article on reading comprehension skills.

The second skill you should pick up is how to eliminate answer choices. Here is a blog article on that as well!

If you are generally good in standardized tests, you will have an advantage.

Get Ready for Anything (Why the Examination Objectives Are Misleading)

My other big piece of advise: get ready for any question possible. The examination will throw several surprises at you. If you can, pass as many examinations as possible before even attempting MB-600. I passed MB-200 (Core/Administrator), MB-210 (Sales), MB-220 (Marketing), MB-230 (Customer Service), MB-240 (Field Service), MB-901 (Fundamentals) and PL-900 (Power Platform Fundamentals). I got the hardest questions from all of the abovementioned examination.

The exam objectives does not mention that at all, but rather general architecture concepts.

Developers Will Have a Huge Advantage

If you plan to pass MB-400 (Dynamics 365 + Power Platform Developer) and MB-600, you should pass MB-400 and go for MB-600 immediately after. If you are a functional consultant, make sure to be familiarized with the MB-400 material and development best practices in general, including the best practices for managing code and code sources.

The Material on Microsoft Learn Will Not Help You That Much

When Microsoft said on their website that the material on Microsoft Learn is not sufficient to pass the examination, it is unfortunately true. The material on Microsoft Learn will barely help you answer a few questions.

However, I know that the official Microsoft Partner Course is an exorbitant USD 2,000 a month and that many prospective solution architects cannot afford the course fee and that many Microsoft Partners around the world cannot spend USD 2,000 in this current economic climate.

This is where I would usually announce that I have a course on MS Dynamics Certified. Except, this time, I do not. I am still trying to understand how my exam success can be replicated and what are the true examination objectives.

How much time will it take? I have no idea. However, please let me know if you need any help!

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